Leading Edge Recovery tailors its collection services to meet the needs of each individual client. Starting with asset recovery solutions, the company works with clients to forge a plan for attaining the highest return on investment possible. When first-party collections has failed, companies turn to third-party collections after charge-off to recover as much as possible. Below are the answers to some of the most common question about third-party collections through the company.

Q: For which industries does Leading Edge Recovery offer third-party collections?

A: The company works primarily in its niche markets, including telecommunications, retail, and automobile. In addition, the company works extensively with banks and their various lines of credit, such as cards, home equity loans, student loans, installment payments, and commercial loans.

Q: What recovery services does the company offer?

A: The company works to identify and address the unique needs posed by each portfolio, creating a customized approach. Common services include training, recording, audition, reporting, and skiptracing, both manual and systemic. In addition, the company offers inbound and outbound dialer services, deceased and bankruptcy scrubbing, and lettering, in addition to other services depending on need.

Q: How much do third-party collection services cost?

A: Leading Edge Recovery operates with very little overhead and takes a minimalist approach whenever appropriate. Passing this savings onto the client, the company boasts extremely competitive rates with lower expected margins compared to industry standards.

Q: How does the company run its collection services?

A: The company realizes that how it collects is just as important as how much it collects. To that end, all employees undergo extensive training and engage with continuing education opportunities, constantly refining their skills. The company maintains a commitment to compliance and requires all employees to pass a quarterly compliance exam. Continually refining services, the professionals at Leading Edge Recovery provide innovative approaches to each portfolio in addition to proven techniques, such as call and work sloping, leveraging, and scoring. The company routinely exceeds client expectations.

About Leading Edge Recovery

Over the past eight years, Leading Edge Recovery has grown into one of the most prominent debt collection firms in the nation, serving the needs of several major creditors. The company provides highly specialized services and has won awards from multiple clients for its dedication and performance. At present, Leading Edge Recovery has locations in three cities around the country in addition to its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.


Chicago-based collection agency Leading Edge Recovery Solutions maintains membership with The Association of Credit and College Professionals (ACA International), a global network of more than 5,000 third-party collection firms, creditors, vendor affiliates, and other industry professionals. ACA International provides its members numerous benefits, including admittance into cutting-edge training and development, entry into groundbreaking conferences, and access to the latest products.

Established in 1939, ACA International focuses on improving the credit and collection industry through a variety of methods, including education and advocacy. ACA International holds its members and other professionals operating within the business to high ethical standards, working to expel current stereotypes of bill collectors. The trade organization’s Collector’s Pledge helps ensure that members treat customers with respect and professionalism, which is an overarching goal of ACA International.

The ACA International’s objectives are driven largely by a three-year strategic plan, set in 2010, that includes building partnerships with sister associations, growing the credit and collection industry’s public persona, and developing better training modules applicable to supervisors and a wider range of both new and experienced collectors. Over the years, the ACA International has encouraged industry excellence by awarding top performers. ACA International offers a variety of membership and education awards, including the James K. Erickson Continuous Service accolade, the Unit Leader of the Year designation, and the Fred Kirschner Instructor Achievement.

Campus ACA, ACA International’s education arm, encourages professional development through seminars and webinars, online training, and the ACA’s Annual Convention & Expo. Campus ACA provides a variety of certificate programs to its members, including certifications as Professional Collection Specialists, Creditor Collection Specialists, or Credit and Collection Professionals. Campus ACA diplomas offer advanced training, allowing individuals to expand their skills through either a Credit and Collection Compliance Officer program, a Train-the-Trainer Specialist program, or other options. Learn more at www.acainternational.org.

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